.Party Details

Party Details

Be prepared for a true party with a purpose. This isn’t a routine yappy hour get-together. For three hours, you and your dog will enjoy a full schedule of fun activities, ranging from K9 Karaoke to Canine Musical Chairs and much more.

Think of National Dog Party Day as a true ‘date night with your dog.’ This special party promises to sneak in good doggy manners in your canine chum and let you get to live in the moment. By the end of the night, that friendship bond between you and you dog will be bolstered – guaranteed.

Q. Where will be the parties be held?
A. 2012 National Dog Party Day will be celebrated on June 22, 2012 in San Diego at Camp Run A Mutt Point Loma (www.camprunamutt.com) , in New York City at Spot (www.thespotexperience.com) and in Miami at Chalk.

Q. Who is invited?
A. People who love to party and their well-mannered dogs who are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Q. What’s the admission price?
A. $25 per person with proceeds donated to each of the three pet charities. Expect to take home a goody bag full of great gifts valued far more than your admission ticket thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

Q. How can I register in advance and purchase my tickets?
A. We will be posting an easy way for you to buy your tickets online shortly on EventBrite. Stay tune for details.

Q. What are the party rules?

A. Glad you asked! So, sit and stay and heed these rules:

·         Attendees must RSVP and space is limited.

·         Limit one dog per person.

·         A schedule of events will be posted so guests can participate in the ..........different events during the 3-hour celebration.

·         Only well-mannered, socialized dogs are permitted for the safety of all. ..........(Dogs who have resource guarding issues with toys or food are NOT ..........allowed.)

·         Doggy guests should have been walked or exercised before the event to ..........help calm them before arrival.

·         People must chaperone their dogs at all times.

·         People must keep their dogs on leashes until/unless the party hosts give ..........the leash-free signal.

·         Dogs must be on short leashes (6-foot or 4-foot) and NO zip-line ...........leashes allowed. (Dogs on zip lines can end up too far ahead of their ..........owners and get tangled or in a tussle).

·         All canine guests must be neutered or spayed. No choke collars or spiked ..........collars are permitted.

·         All doggy guests must be current on their vaccinations, including rabies ..........and bordetella.

·         Party organizers have the right to show the exit door to dogs who do ..........not behave.

·         You can attend solo and receive a goody bag for your home-alone dog ..........who isn’t into a party scene.