Party with a Purpose!
Be Part of THE Dog Event of the Year That Everyone Will Be Yappy About –
National Dog Party Day™!!!

As a local party host to benefit the pet charity of your choice, you will receive from National Dog Party Day™ Headquarters:

  • Your logo and party pics posted on National Dog Party Day™ website.

  • Mention on the pre-party special show of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life This show, hosted by Arden Moore, draws A-list pet-loving celebrities and “top dogs’ in the pet world as guests each week on the world’s No. 1 pet radio network.

  • Downloadable art files for the official National Dog Party Day™ banner and downloadable high-resolution image of the official NDPD logo.

  • Download file of the official NDPD party song – "I Love My Pets" by Pet Life Radio executive producer Mark Winter.

  • Official party rules to ensure a successful event.

  • Detailed instructions on the key NDPD games: Canine Musical Chairs, Snoopy Says, K9 Karaoke, K9 Willpower, Dunking for Treats, Doggy Water Relay.

  • Suggested time party schedule.

  • Press release templates for pre- and post-party news to share in print, radio, TV and on social media outlets.
  • Consult with National Dog Party Day™ Founder Arden Moore.

To become an official National Dog Party Day™ host in your community, the fee is $99. Click here to download your official NDPD kit on PayPal.